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Just paid 2 £80p for a Mars bar and a can of coke...

2 £80 fucking p ? @eurostar, if you were a person you'd be a right prick

- 8.02am, 22 September

'There will be no more stress cos you called UPS, that's logistics'... Fuck me... A group of people sat down and agreed: yep, that'll work

- 1.44pm, 15 September

MusaTariq Everytime you check in on FourSquare and share it with Twitter & Facebook without any interesting context, god kills a kitten. So stop.

- 3.16pm, 12 September

VizTopTips WAYNE ROONEY. Why not pretend the prostitute was just a political aide? /via @fletcherchriss

- 11:10 AM Sep 5th

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