Diary: Two new things in the air tonight as Gorilla's aped

Since Fallon's Gorilla ad for Cadbury is so good, it was always destined to get roundly spoofed.

YouTube contains more than a handful of copycat ads from amateurs and professionals alike all wanting to support the work and give their take on the ad.

These wouldn't normally be worth a full story in themselves, but the men in the Diary office thought a particularly perky version of the ad, with a little more bounce, deserved public exposure.

The spot features a female model, wearing just a bra and jeans, acting out the gorilla's exact movements in front of a drum kit, as Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight plays in the background.

However, as she begins to play, the camera gradually starts spending more and more time on her chest, and catches every little jiggle and bounce as the model's movements become more frenetic.

It then ends with the line: "Two cups full of joy."

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