DIARY: Unlucky Adam Tucker puts on a United front by turning down prize

There's usually a one in several hundred chances of ever winning anything in charity awards raffles.

So when Adam Tucker, Fallon's group account director on the United Airlines business, realised that he was holding in his sweaty hands the winning ticket for the grand prize at a recent awards bash, he was beside himself with glee as, like all good winners, he'd never won anything in his life before. Aah.

To the congratulatory applause of the senior United Airlines management congregated on his table, Tucker prepared for his day in the sun and proudly stood up, the applause of the crowd ringing in his ears, to receive his glorious prize.

But Tucker's bubble of delight was cruelly and swiftly pricked. For what had he won but two tickets to New York, courtesy of ... British Airways.

Suffice it to say, Tucker turned down the tickets - but as for whether this was a gracious move in the name of client loyalty or a good case of arse-kissing, only the man himself can say.