Diary: Use net to narrow down the creative dating pool

Being a single creative forced into the dating game is often a treacherously difficult place to be.

Women have to look out for the brash confident creatives who come across as masterly swordsmen when talking to their mates, but go weak at the knees and wet at the pants at the prospect of talking to a real-life woman.

While, for the men, there is the problem that once their PA gets married, their options begin to look pretty bleak.

However, the solution is out there in the form of a new dating website. Flirtnik.com brings together London's creative singles under one web 2.0-shaped roof.

Created by an ex-copywriter fed-up with the large impersonal dating websites, the site invites professionals from London's creative sector to sign up and create a simple profile detailing things such as their favourite piece of design, and the way they like to kill time.

Around 600 people have already subscribed to the service and created their profiles along with the obligatory flatteringly lit photo.

So, no longer will lovelorn creatives have to trawl through endless shop assistants or lonely nail technicians. Instead, they can find themselves a like-minded creative to share candlelit meals at The Ivy and walks along the South Bank.