Diary: VCCP account director is a little too keen to let it all hang out at the Arsenal

The art of losing, people say, is just like a creative brief: everyone has different ways of dealing with it.

Take VCCP, for instance. Just recently, it qualified for an inter-agency five-a-side football tournament, hosted at the home of Arsenal Football Club, the Emirates Stadium.

It was all going swimmingly for the Chime Communications crew until the closing game of the group stages, when, following a gruelling slog of a match, the team was informed it had just failed to qualify for the final.

"We thought we'd make the headlines elsewhere," the VCCP partner Michael Sugden reflects, valiantly explaining the antics of one of his account directors. The chap in question decided to strip naked and belt across the pitch, earning himself the rather dubious honour of becoming the Emirates Stadium's first-ever streaker.

Needless to say, the stadium officials failed to see the funny side and immediately sent in the hit squad to politely escort the exhibitionist out of the ground.

Sugden, however, maintains his staunch defence, insisting that the chap was stone-cold sober and acting purely on "cardinal instinct and competitive hunger", rather than several six-packs of Carling and more than a fair bit of goading.

Either way, you can now decide for yourself. Jeered on with cheers and laughter from his understandably amused chums, Diary is uncertain if this jolly little japester and part-time naturist knew that his antics were being filmed on a mate's mobile, and that the flickery film would later find its way (inevitably) on to You Tube.

Of course, it's hardly Diary's place to shame the guilty party, but we believe that if you enter the words "Emirates" and "streaker" into YouTube, you will be able to see a wonderfully entertaining 45-second film of the VCCP insider expressing his enthusiasm to let it all hang out ... literally

Certain well-placed sources, namely a YouTube user who goes by the name of peterthomassemple, and who has clearly had a chuckle at the film, suggests the naked athlete is none other than a fellow he works with. An individual who, Diary understands, goes by the name of Roly Darby.