Diary: VCCP duo beat the bear

Regular Diary readers will no doubt been keen to find out the result of VCCP's Michael Sugden and Andrew Peake's 350-mile race to the North Pole.

Battling temperatures of -30 degrees, gale-force winds, zero visibility and a polar bear attack (seriously), the pair ended the race an impressive second.

"The whole thing has been an incredible experience and a lot more extreme than we expected," Sugden said. "We got ourselves in some scrapes, the most serious being when I looked over my shoulder to see a polar bear charging at us about 30 metres away.

"After letting off the warning shots to scare him away, the distance between the empty cartridges and the claw marks of the bear skidding to a halt was six steps."

Rumours that the vicious creature was actually Darren Bailes in a bear suit are unfounded.