Diary: VCCP sells the UK out for a spot of sporting glory

Whether it was intentional or not, VCCP recently proved itself to be the UK's most unpatriotic agency.

In the final Test match against England, Anil Kumble, the Indian leg-spin bowling legend, hammered a century and extinguished any chance the home nation had of levelling the series. Disappointing for England, yes, but what's this got to do with VCCP? Well, if you looked hard enough, you may have noticed that adorning Kumble's bat was what appeared to be a light-blue VCCP-shaped logo.

The agency had signed a deal with Kumble, who has taken 555 Test wickets in his career, but had never hit a century, to sponsor his bat.

Following Kumble's display, the lack of patriotism was not just driven, but practically rammed, down the throats of VCCP's English contingent by the agency's managing director, Michael Sugden, who comes from "North of the Border".

He was heard to be crowing about the performance (in the usual way somebody from a country with such a poor sporting record does).

He said: "Being a Scotsman, I'm delighted Kumble and his trusty VCCP-branded bat put England to the sword on primetime TV."

Of course, since Sugden hails from Scotland, this means Kumble's century is likely to be the only sporting highlight of his year. - Got a diary story? E-mail us at campaign@haymarket.com or call (020) 8267 4656.