DIARY: Verdi and Malik make a killing as Fink forks out $10,000 for a body

As a man who once tipped up at the opera in full Mozart costume and an awards ceremony clad in a Robin Hood outfit, you'd hardly expect Graham Fink to do something so boring as hiring a precious and preposterously expensive design consultancy to dream up a logo for his production company.

And you wouldn't be wrong. The one-time agency art director who turned to directing partly as an antidote to having to endure "the same old arguments about the size of the logo" preferred to stuff a briefcase with $10,000-worth of crisp greenbacks and give it away to whoever came up with the best suggestion.

Six thousand hopefuls took up the challenge to find an appropriate symbol for his production company, thefinktank.

Last week, the case containing the big bucks went to the creative with the most musical name in the business, Monty Verdi, and his sidekick, Sadaat Malik. They're pictured here receiving the dosh from a grateful Fink.

And what was their suggestion which tickled Fink pink? A human logo, no less. "After all, a human logo can travel the world, have opinions, talk about the company, donate sperm to keep it going for ever," Fink says.

So enthusiastic is Fink about Verdi and Malik's little wheeze that thefinktank is already designing a new letterhead with an application form asking people to send in a passport and say why they think in 22 words why they think they should get the job.

Whether the role involves shutting yourself away with a few copies of Playboy and a video of Last Tango in Paris, Fink doesn't say. Doubtless he doesn't want to get trampled in the inevitable rush of applicants.


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