Diary: W&K creative department falls for a young hopeful's desperate measures

In the game of love, appearing desperate is really not a good look, but apparently when it comes to getting a job in advertising, desperation is the way forward.

Fed up with the competitive application process and the string of knock-backs at the hands of jobsworth receptionists in agency foyers, Luke Forsythe, a young creative, sent an e-mail to Wieden & Kennedy explaining that by the time they read the message he would be sitting outside the agency's offices on a turquoise Verner Panton plastic chair.

He went on to say: "Please do not be alarmed. I am in a good state of mental health. However, I am determined to talk to a senior member of the creative department. I know how busy you all are, so I simply plan to wait until somebody has a spare moment."

And true to his word, a quick glance out of the window on 24 September revealed that he had lived up to his promise and was sitting outside on his chair, cowering under an umbrella in a pretty heavy downpour.

However, with the rain pelting down, the product design graduate actually couldn't have picked a better day - as his proud stand began pulling at the creative teams' heartstrings.

Eventually, they acquiesced, and let the poor lad inside. After a chat in the warmth of the agency's foyer he was offered an interview.

Be warned though, quirky desperation can easily be confused with impaired mental health, and those planning similar stunts need to take care.

Another commentator on the Wieden & Kennedy blog recounts a tale of being a desperate creative walking into the foyer of Bartle Bogle Hegarty and removing his shoe - then proceeding to ask the startled receptionist if he could see a creative.

When the answer came back negative he said he would remove another item of clothing until the answer was positive. By the time he was left in his custom-made underwear, resplendent with BBH black sheep, he was no nearer the creative department, but only a flash away from a jail cell.