Diary: W&K staffer scarred for life by Shoreditch move

Finding that your chair has been stolen and that your computer no longer works - that's what happens to most people when they move office. Not so for those crazy chaps at Wieden & Kennedy, though.

To lessen the wrench of the move from Soho to the Shoreditch outback, W&K's managing director, Neil Christie, arranged a "getting to know the area" day. The agency was split into teams and given a list of dares.

These dares were given a score depending on their severity, with the idea that the highest-scoring team would win a prize.

The dares at the bottom of the scale included eating jellied eels, whereas those who managed to test-drive a Mercedes from the local showroom or view the most expensive property at a Shoreditch estate agent scored much higher. However, the really big points were reserved for those who dared to dabble in self-mutilation in the form of piercings and tattoos.

In the name of friendly rivalry, a smattering of staff got their noses and ears pierced, while a handful of fraudsters spent their afternoon drawing tattoos on each other.

But, as is often the case with staff away-days, things got slightly out of hand, when the copywriter Stuart Harkness declared he was going to get the real thing. Hours later, he returned with the agency's logo tattooed on his leg.

Surely this is taking agency loyalty a step too far?

And no, his team didn't even win.