Diary: W&K suit's bum rap

If you want to witness possibly the worst white, middle-class rap there has ever been, then get down to Wieden & Kennedy's blog, http://wklondon.typepad.com/welcome_to_optimism. The shop had to make some redundancies recently and, while this would prompt most people to retreat to a dark room with a bottle of whisky, it inspired the former W&K account exec Fern Trelfa to film herself doing an embarrassingly girly rap - with terrifying results. The lyrics go:

"And then they sat me down and said: 'Fern, redundancy.'

Pretty bummed, but I see an opportunity

To do something that's going to bring out the best in me

A rapping yogi playing the ukulele."

Dr Dre it ain't. But Trelfa seems to have skin thick enough to make it in account management.