Diary: Walker's This Is Your Life is a booze-filled shindig

It seems like the leaving party for Christine Walker just keeps going on and on and on.

Not content with a huge party at Chiswick House and enough lunches to feed a Northern family for a month, Wacl also honoured the "Queen of Media" by holding a special This is Your Life-style tribute in her honour.

Like the classic TV programme, the night was a complete surprise for Walker, and ended in floods of tears, thank yous and mutual back-slapping and appreciation.

Placed in the latest AGM, so she wouldn't twig, the tribute consisted of more than 30 video testimonials by women from all over the industry who talked glowingly about the Walker work ethic, her dedication, her skill and her friendship.

However, most people decided to wax lyrical about Walker's ability to hold her drink.

Time and again, people such as Cilla Snowball, Amanda Walsh, Debbie Klein and Judy Mitchem popped up to describe their feelings of jealousy (and/or admiration) at Walker's immense talent to tuck away the grog.

Of course, it wasn't all plain sailing on the good ship Walker when it comes to the booze. There was one amusing story that surfaced, which told of the time when Walker drank one too many "gigantic fishbowls" of margarita and ended up passing out after trying to stand up.

The videos were all filmed in a single day at WCRS's offices, which became a veritable who's who of advertising's top women.