DIARY: Wannabe radio stars get their opportunity

People often ask us how do we get to win the big one at the Sony Radio awards as John Peel did last week. Do we really have to grow a dodgy beard, marry someone called Pig and support Liverpool?

Well, the Radio Advertising Bureau has come up with a competition for all budding radio stars, and rather appropriately it's called Radio Star.

The competition is open to all who work in media or creative agencies and clients too. Entrants must submit a demo tape conveying their personality and a programme idea by 21 June.

A panel of judges will choose six finalists who will get the chance to make their programme professionally through August. From September the finalists' entries will be broadcast via the internet. And here's the really clever bit - the industry at large will be able to vote one finalist out each week in the manner of Big Brother.

Readers who want to make their fortune as the next Peel, Tarrant or Fox should start bombarding the following judges with invitations to Wimbledon, private screenings of feature films or other appropriate inducements: Daryl Denham, Virgin Radio's breakfast presenter; Mark Story, the Emap Group programming director; Roger Lewis, Classic FM's marketing director; Phil Riley, Chrysalis Radio's chief executive; Linda Grant, the marketing director of Capital Radio Advertising; Paul Cooney, the managing director of Radio Clyde, and Campaign's editor, Caroline Marshall.

Further details on the Radio Star website (www.radio-star.biz), which will be activated on 15 May.