Diary: Want to swap combats for flares? Then apply to Sky One's 70s Office

A new series of Big Brother that promises to be nastier than ever. Gordon Ramsay's ritual humiliation of wannabe chefs in Hell's Kitchen.

Haven't we all overdosed on reality TV? Apparently not. And adland is the latest target for those willing to put themselves through purgatory in public.

One series on the stocks for Sky One is called 1970s Office. Remember the 70s? That was the time when the only way to get money from your bank account was to write a cheque and stand in line. When there were no Bluetooth keyboards, only typewriters, and even mobile phones the size of breeze blocks weren't around.

Now ITV, which is producing the show, wants to find up to four creatives willing to spend a fortnight preparing a pitch for a Christmas campaign for Raleigh Chopper bikes but in 70s conditions. That means no computers, only typewriters, and no use of new-fangled things such as the internet. Not even a motorcycle courier.

If you're up for it, you'll also have to conform to 70s social rules and office etiquette. So no combats - and keep those filthy tattoos hidden.

But if you don't fancy that, there's Talkback Thames Television, which wants agency types - "because of the industry's reputation as one of the most competitive and dynamic to work in" - for a series called The Apprentice.

The 14 candidates will join teams which will be set business tasks by Amstrad's Sir Alan Sugar. And, in true reality TV tradition, one loser gets sacked each week.

The prize? Six-figure salary employment in Sugar's organisation. And for the losers? A half-decent reference for a job in the Spurs boot room, perhaps.