Diary: Water-cooler monitor - What topics has the industry been discussing this week?

The Talk Time spent
The BMA's headline-chasing calls for a ban on 1 hr 43 mins
alcohol advertising. However ridiculous its demands,
the industry needs to get its defence strategy sorted,
and fast The Government's spectacular U-turn on product 1 hr 7 mins
placement. But is it too little, too late, to have
any real impact on commercial broadcasters?
MCBD, apparently, won the moneysupermarket.com 54 mins
account by promising to hook a well-known personality
to front the new campaign. It won't be Peter Jones,
though, thank the advertising gods.
CRR (again). Yet another delay to any decision on 16 mins
what should change - to the end of the year this time.
Even ITV must be losing the will to continue this fight