Diary: Water-cooler monitor

What topics have the industry been discussing this week?


Should Coca-Cola bosses be crying into their 36 mins 24 secs

Diet Cokes over John McCririck's repeated

endorsements on Big Brother or sign him up as a

spokesman? After all, he couldn't be worse than

the turtle.

As news of the blossoming romance between the 11 mins 14 secs

beautiful Helen Calcraft and Grant Duncan spreads,

punters marvel at his pulling skills.

How long before new The Daily Telegraph marketing 56 mins 32 secs

director, Katie Vanneck, reviews creative and media?

What will the client fallout be at Rainey Kelly 1 hour 47 mins

Campbell Roalfe/Y&R as Jim Kelly and MT Rainey

bow out? Gossips see it as the making or breaking

of its new chief executive, James Murphy.