Diary: Water-cooler monitor

What topics have the industry been discussing this week?


Kate Harris' cleavage (above right) at the Nabs do. 18 hours 18 mins

That ITV, Sky and all the other commercial 0 hours 0 mins

broadcasters can feel secure in the knowledge that

loads more adspend will come their way now that

Thinkbox has launched.

How the world of Nathan Barley, the eponymous 14 mins 37 secs

hero of Channel 4's new Friday night series,

seems very familiar. There's a kind of forced

trendiness reminiscent of a certain wacky comms

planning agency on St John's Street.

How Haystack's handling of the £47 million 1 hour 2 mins

Sainsbury's review demonstrates once and for all

that there is more than one matchmaker in town.

Suki Thompson is here to stay.