Diary: Water-cooler monitor

What topics have the industry been discussing this week?

THE TALK TIME SPENT The new Cillit Bang (that's right, Cillit Bang!) ad is 6 days 4 hours the rightful heir to Michael Winner's Esure spots. Is this advertising at its smartest or its shabbiest? It's hard to know. And who the hell is Barry Scott? Beattie McGuiness Bungay has been much quicker 31 mins 29 secs out of the blocks than anyone expected, pulling in accounts such as HP Sauce, OK! and The Discovery Channel. But as the agency receives more interest from traditional high-street brands, will it have to temporarily shelve notions of media neutrality? Bank of America's decision to hold a three-way pitch 11 mins 42 secs pitting the incumbent, IPG, against the mighty WPP and Omnicom. If memory serves correctly, didn't IPG resign its US HSBC direct marketing account in order to service BoA two years ago, a move widely believed to have triggered HSBC's global move to WPP?