Diary: Water-Cooler Monitor

What topics have the industry been discussing this week? THE TALK TIME SPENT What will staff at Highbury House, the publisher of 3hrs 40 mins Front and Practical Woodwork, make of Kelvin MacKenzie's move to double his stake and take a more active role in its management? The former Sun editor isn't to everybody's taste but his enthusiasm and relentless energy may be just what's needed In these days of grab-what-you-can-when-you-can, 29 mins 12 how refreshing to see glue London's directors giving secs staff almost a third of the share options after selling to Aegis Group. Recently departed staffers must be feeling a bit sick, though. Who will be the big winners when this week's ABCs 23 mins 10 are published? Emap's Grazia, Conde Nast's Easy secs Living and IPC Media's Pick Me Up have all had big bucks put behind their launches. It will be interesting to see whether or not faith has been justified.