Diary: Water-Cooler Monitor

What topics has the industry been discussing this week?

THE TALK TIME SPENT Is that Sir Martin Sorrell a miracle worker or what? 2 hrs 15 mins His WPP has defied the doom-merchants by chalking up a whopping 32 per cent rise in half-year profits. He's even buying more agencies. Interpublic should be so lucky. Now that Sorrell and Jim Heekin are officially 1 hr 38 mins ensconsed at Grey, how will things play out at the London agency? After all, the network will be looking to more than double its current margins and Grey's salary bill is famous for being, er, generous. How much longer before DFGW and Lowe are ready 34 mins 47 secs to make a formal announcement about their nuptials? Surely Lowe retaining its place on COI Communications' roster last month was the only remaining impediment.