Diary: Water-cooler monitor

What topics has the industry been discussing this week? THE TALK TIME SPENT Graham Duff's departure: who exactly will take over 2 hrs 51 mins ITV Sales? If it's not Gary Digby, perhaps ITV could consider saving money by giving Mick Desmond a more active role. Jonathan Mildenhall is back and is up to his neck in 34 mins 24 secs interviews for roles around town.Meanwhile, TBWA\ London has issued a brief for a new chief executive. The headhunters' purses get fatter and fatter. Grey staffers are said to be living in fear of their 49 mins 32 secs new network chief, Jim Heekin, bringing his old mucker Ben Langdon into the Grey fold. JWT's falling-out with the AAR. Onlookers are loving 1 hr 18 secs the spat, but few can see any wisdom in JWT's decision to sack the intermediary.