Diary: Water-Cooler Monitor

What topics have the industry been discussing this week? THE TALK TIME SPENT Trouble in Paradise. Word has it that Naked wants to 23 mins 53 secs buy back Mother's share. The creative agency has a small stake in Naked, but is said to be asking Naked for disproportionately big bucks. Who will succeed Simon Bolton at the helm of JWT? 2 hrs 51 mins Toby Hoare has secured a senior role, but will the agency's current managing director Mark Cadman get the chief executiveship he's been dreaming of? The Jim Kelly appreciation society. WPP is a founder 32 mins 18 secs member and is said to be dead keen to find a role for Kelly, preferably at his former home, Y&R. Kelly, however, is not thought to be showing much interest. Pick up your phones, new-business directors: five is 14 mins 31 secs rumoured to have itchy feet.