Diary: Water-cooler monitor

WHAT TOPICS HAVE THE INDUSTRY BEEN DISCUSSING THIS WEEK? THE TALK TIME SPENT The new Lowe: it has all the drama of the M&C 13 hrs 41 mins Saatchi start-up ten years ago. And it seems like it has all the potential, too. Group M. Just so everyone is clear on it, that's M for 54 mins 32 secs MediaCom, not M for MindShare (or so the balance of power appears to indicate). The A List party. What a belter. Ice-cold Champagne 1 hr 19 mins all night long. If you weren't there, raise your game so that you get an invite next year. It really was a gathering of the great and the good. Robert Campbell's resignation from McCann 19 mins 57 secs Erickson. Will others from the "dream team" follow suit? Logic would suggest his creative partners Frank Lieberman and Mark Reddy might.