Diary: Water-cooler monitor

What topics have the industry been discussing this week? THE TALK TIME SPENT Steve Henry. Will he stay or will he go? Theories as to 2 hrs 51 mins what his next move could be were the talk of the IPA President's Reception. Perhaps a reunion with Rupert Howell at McCann Erickson. All change at The Guardian. Most expect Carolyn 35 mins 29 secs McCall to take Sir Robert Phillis' chair, but her replacement as the chief executive of Guardian Newspapers is less clear. Stephen Carter, the Ofcom chief executive, hinted at a desire to return to media in the paper earlier this month. Food for thought. The final episode of Lost: too many loose ends. 1 hr 39 mins Krow. There's been radio silence from the agency 41 mins 58 secs since it set up last September. What is it up to? Any account wins to talk of yet?