Diary: Water-cooler monitor

WHAT TOPICS HAVE THE INDUSTRY BEEN DISCUSSING THIS WEEK? THE TALK TIME SPENT The Department of Health's anti-smoking pitch. 39 mins 12 secs The poor old media agencies are feeling a little sidelined because the creative shops get all of the pitch time. This week's least surprising event: WCRS winning 3 mins 22 secs the Weetabix account. After all, the bow-tie-loving Robin Wight and the Weetabix chief executive, Ken Wood, go back a long way. The fcuk successor. Nothing like a big, fat, lesbian 2 hours 8 mins kiss to secure column inches. But is it enough to get the girls back in the shops? Yet more change is on the horizon at Lowe. What will 48 mins 54 secs the newly empowered Steve Gatfield bring to the Lowe party?