Diary: Water-cooler monitor

WHAT TOPICS HAVE THE INDUSTRY BEEN DISCUSSING THIS WEEK? THE TALK TIME SPENT Trouble at DDB London. First Weetabix walked, then 3 hrs 37 mins it emerged that PG Tips is flirting with Mother, now even The Guardian seems fed up. It seems Paul Hammersley's and David Hackworthy's exits have been costly. Who'd have guessed it? Those arty farty types at 19 mins 35 secs Mother getting down and dirty with direct marketing and launching a venture with Mike Cornwell. Could be a potent mix. Lucky is dead. Yep, thank you Fallon for killing off 1 hr 41 mins the most irritating advertising character bar Crazy Frog. It almost makes one want to rush off and buy some insurance. DFS. Lots of money, but the work is gruelling. 34 mins 41 secs