Diary: Water-Cooler Monitor

WHAT TOPICS HAVE THE INDUSTRY BEEN DISCUSSING THIS WEEK? THE TALK TIME SPENT The new-business drought. Media and creative 2 hrs 23 mins agencies are sitting around twiddling their thumbs. There's nothing out there - ask the headhunters. They are bored too. It's the perfect time to take a holiday. Happy days at Mother. Yell's decision to review is 19 mins 51 secs widely expected to lead to a "would you like to pitch?" call from its marketing chief, Ann Francke. She was dead keen to get the agency on the Boots shortlist when she was there. Dixons' brave move online. It looks like the days are numbered for its ugly 1 hour 49 mins red-and-white fasciae. Shifting business online makes sense in theory, but nobody should forget only 3 per cent of Dixons' and Currys' total turnover comes from online transactions.