Diary: Water-Cooler Monitor

What topics have the industry been discussing this week?


Ntl acquiring ITV. The idea seemed audacious when 2 hrs 39 mins
it was revealed last week, but a little careful
examination shows that it's not only possible,
but really could be quite a good idea.

JWT. The agency is already facing massive problems 1 hr 19 mins
with Vodafone, will Peter Stringham's exit from HSBC
give rise to similar insecurity on that account?

Where will David Pattison show up next? 54 mins 17 secs

Jon Florsheim's exit from BSkyB. It improves the 28 mins 52 secs
odds in favour of WPP's Grey to win the creative
account. Not only was Florsheim unlikely to support
a Grey shoo-in, but his successor on the branding
side, Matthew Anderson, was a WPP high-flyer until
he quit to join Sky.