Diary: Water-cooler monitor

WHAT TOPICS HAVE THE INDUSTRY BEEN DISCUSSING THIS WEEK? THE TALK TIME SPENT WPP's decision to impose a hiring freeze until 2hrs 3 mins further notice. If such a tightly managed group is being so prudent, how long before the others follow? What of Lowe now that Steve Gatfield, its 32 mins 24 secs worldwide chief executive, is set to leave next year? Will there be many contenders to fill his shoes? Who'll win the battle of wills between Michael 1hr 10 mins Grade's ITV and Ofcom? Grade has threatened to surrender its public service licences. Ofcom could fine it £80 million a year if it does. What does the Government do in response to 47 mins 21 secs adland's £200 million anti-obesity initiative? Threatens to extend curbs on snack-food advertising. There's gratitude for you.