Diary: Water-cooler monitor

What topics has the industry been discussing this week?
The talk time spent
The latest Cadbury Dairy Milk ad. It's no "gorilla", 1 hr 20
mins that's for sure. Has the new, risk-averse post-sale
mentality at Cadbury had something to do with a
spot that feels considerably less joyful than its
CHI & Partners' Ewan Paterson taking the creative 41 mins
helm at DDB Chicago. Good news for British creativity:
the Americans are poaching us (and, let's be honest,
Paterson's not even our very best).
Channel 4's head of agency sales, Matt Shreeve, 15 mins
leaving after 20 years with the broadcaster. Is this
the beginning of the end of the old guard in TV sales?
Rick Bendel is one of the names in the frame for the 2 mins
vacant chief executive role at Asda. Surely not.