DIARY: WCRS recycles metal shavings for its 'new' Bavarian Motor work

Do you remember the seminal car advertising of yesteryear from

those motor giants BMW and Mercedes-Benz?

Yes, those were the bountiful days when the cream of the crop produced

some of the world's greatest and most unique ads.

Alas, no more, as what's this? Two almost identical car ads? Look at

those sleekly shot silver motors! Marvel at the carefully strewn metal

shavings! Furrow your brow while you work out which brand is which!

Yes, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the latest BMW 3

Series work from WCRS bears an uncanny similarity to that of the

Mercedes-Benz C-Class, strangely enough done by fellow Havas agency,

Partners BDDH.

While Partners' Mercedes poster went up in May, WCRS only launched its

BMW work this month. Looking at this, it must have taken the agency ooh,

three minutes, to come up with the idea.