DIARY: WCRS's Jaume braves hostile gastronomic frontier on trip to Alps

The Ivy. Gastronomic heaven, and historically home to some of

advertising's most celebrated table-hoppers, cheek-kissers and

back-slappers. Pop in any day and you're more than likely to spot the

likes of Mark Wnek and Bruce Haines at their favourite table.

However, there remain some for whom the exclusive eaterie is treasured

more for its mouth-watering selection of fine food and wines. One such

chap is the affable Leon Jaume, the executive creative director of WCRS,

a legendary fan of the protracted lunch, and a man of scru-pulous good

taste (though perhaps not in ski wear).

Still, we hear that Jaume has suffered something of a nasty shock of


As a man who appreciates the finer things in life, Jaume had recently

taken his gastronomic prowess off to the mountains for a spot of Alpine

skiing. However, he was not prepared for an encounter with a chalet girl

of the most unpleasant kind.

Following a hard day on the ski slopes, all seemed to be going well back

at the ranch. 'Anyone for wine?' the girl chirped, which everyone agreed

was a sterling idea. However, instead of something along the lines of a

heavenly Nuits St Georges from Domaine de l'Arlot to which Jaume's

tastebuds are more usually treated, she proceeded to commit the most

heinous of crimes by producing an imposter which would send shivers down

any self-respecting gourmand's back. Yes, the wine came in - gasp - a


After eyeing the offending item with a mix of distrust and unbridled

horror, Jaume proved his truly gracious style by valiantly giving the

vinegar a try. And although it didn't turn out to be completely sour

grapes, you can doubtless expect to see him gratefully enjoying a more

palatable tipple at an obliging restaurant near you soon.