Diary: Web witter

On Unilever's decision to crowdsource content for 13 global brands (from Brand Republic).

- Brian George

I wonder what the next step will be: "crowdsourced" marketing departments? And why stop there? What about crowdsourced IT/HR etc departments, or even finance, or is that a step too far?

- Grilla Login

Ad agency guys - your ideas are valued junk bonds by marketeers so what exactly is the point of you?

- Digital Bod

Sheesh. Yet another "social" fail from Unilever. No wonder they are the digital dinosaurs of the industry. The irony of using UGC content to create a television ad staggers belief. Brand owners should spend more time engaging with digital consumers in their natural habitat and help them to use digital tools to spread the word on the back of a useful or entertaining experience.

- Rory Sutherland

Crowdsourced solutions are treated with an indulgence from clients which agency solutions are not. Ninety-seven per cent of an agency's time is now spent not in the generation of ideas but in their post-rationalisation. Why do clients make it so damn hard for agencies to produce simple, entertaining and enjoyable ads, while accepting the same from Joe Public?

- A Lesbian Sold You That

It will get interesting when Joe Public sees their idea go into research. Because Unilever researches EVERYTHING. So Joe Public will get to watch as their idea is commented upon by another six members of Joe Public. Joe Public will get to see how narrow minded Joe Public is.