Diary: Web Witter

On the Conservatives' planned paid-by-results model for COI (from campaignlive.co.uk).

- Dasbeasten

Most of COI's activity is a waste of time and just panders to departmental egos. Without doubt COI has helped prop up the media in both these hard times and in the good times, but the amount and frequency of activity is absurd. You would be hard-pressed to find a better example of government wastage than the activity undertaken by COI.

- Sarah (floating voter)

Paid by result! Obviously the Tories have never worked with COI and those in government who tone everything down to the level of ineffectiveness.

- Chris Arnold

A good few years ago, we did a family planning campaign through the FPA but it was backed by the Department of Health. But then COI got involved. If we'd listened to it, the campaign would have been a disaster. We didn't. We did what was right and it was a big success. Personally, my experience is that COI allows too much interference from politicians who shouldn't comment on areas in which they are not qualified. Worse, they are too concerned with the politics of PR rather than the social gain.

- Martin Thomas

Sorry not to add to the chorus of disapproval, but I have been genuinely impressed by how far COI has moved in recent years. The Tory campaign team has simply read Nudge and think that if they mention behavioural economics, it will make them look clever ... you won't find a COI brief these days that doesn't focus on behavioural change as the key deliverable.