Diary: Web witter

On Engine's acquisition of Jam, the social media unit of i-level (from Campaignlive.co.uk).

- Jessica Summerfield

In response to: "Engine is a business that puts social media at the heart of its integrated thinking." Why then is Engine bolting on Jam - a separate siloed-off unit? If social media is at the heart of a business, it should flow through every department, office and floor instead of existing as a separate entity. Opportunistic move by a businessman - Peter Scott. That's all it is.

- Koen Smeets

Clever move by Mister Scott, I would say!

- Mike Berry

Good news that 23 people's jobs have been saved. Let's hope Zolfo Cooper can swiftly find a good home for the rest of the business; i-level was a great agency.

- Mark Palmer

Engine are doing things. Picked up Simon Clift of Unilever as a non-exec. Now moved from small to large in social. Points to the benefits of cash and willingness to pursue a vision. You can worry about how afterwards.

- Carol Fisher

I don't see anything in the article that says Jam will continue to be "siloed off". Engine has been created precisely because its senior management does NOT wish to run a "silo" business. They have already invested a huge amount in working towards their vision and have a great record of developing talent. In any event, in this industry, you do not "buy a business"; nothing will be guaranteed to move across. It is for the clients to decide what is in their best interests and to act accordingly.