Diary: Web witter

On the Global Radio chief Stephen Miron's comment at the Big Media debate that i-level's demise is good news for traditional media agencies (from Campaignlive).

- Digital Bod

Miron is clearly an idiot. I-level was not a "search marketing specialist", rather it was a shit-hot digital media agency that offered a sophisticated search offering in addition to a broad range of digital planning/buying. His other comment about "sticking it outside of a media agency" is therefore also utter tosh. Doesn't anyone at Campaign bother editing this crap?

- John Scorah

Surely to describe a failed business with such huge debt and baffling investment structure as being "shit hot" is a slight contradiction? Signed; slightly miffed media owner picking up huge tab for March.

- Carol Fisher

Sorry Stephen, I don't know who wrote that speech for you, but you really should try to read them through before you get up to speak. I do hope you are doing more homework for your day job, for the sake of all your staff as well as the radio industry. By the way, did you think "sticking media outside of an ad agency" was also wrong?

- Charlie Makin

I understand there is a vanity achieved by being controversial at a conference, but surely it needs to be backed by logic.

Who can honestly say more consolidation and commoditisation is going to be positive for the business and that a pioneering company failing is good? Surely it further erodes the trust clients have in our business (witness the ISBA survey in Campaign.)