Diary: Web witter

On Government plans to cut high-profile health campaigns (from Campaignlive).

- Julia

The emphasis on media spend through COI is understandable, but let's not forget the immense bureaucracy within COI. Consultants, strategic consultants, client team managers - happily duplicating the work of the various government departments' own teams.

- Rob Parr

My opinion on this is biased, I admit, but would it not be better to spend money wisely and look to smaller design agencies to work with, rather than just scrap the current work put into these campaigns? Not only would this reduce creative costs and save money, but you would help SMEs, which is another one of the Government's objectives.

- Jacqueline Steel

I'm glad the message has finally got through to those that hold the purse strings at Whitehall that their ad budgets may create awards - but don't engender much action. To improve the decisions that people make about their health, you don't need a large, expensive TV campaign. We are having great results for the NHS through the social marketing campaigns we are creating for various PCTs. It's real ground-level stuff, designed to engage people rather than preach to them.

- Sue Parks

Getting people to change unhealthy behaviours means connecting with them on a personal level, rather than pushing a wall of "should do" information at them. Targeted, localised communications that are built on real insight and backed by motivational "can do" health programmes work.