Diary: Web witter

On the Football Association's new Facebook app campaign by Dare (from Campaignlive).

- Pras Murukesvan

The shirt personalisation has been done before and it's a good one although the FA are sending out a contradicting message after they had banned players from any form of social media including Twitter or Facebook at the World Cup.

- Red Brown

Great idea. Nicely done too.

- Oliver Newton

Not sure if England supporters would appreciate being referred to by the FA as "our consumers". The England team is not a product to be bought, it's a cause to be followed.

- Ian Darby

Highly amusing given the shambles of the FA's handling of the squad announcement. Speculation about who is in and out was rife online before the 3pm announcement. Seems like a body that hasn't a clue how social media works.

- Grilla Login

... or how to kick Wembley ass so the supposed centrepiece of the nation's World Cup bid doesn't have a football pitch that resembles the London 2012 Olympic logo.

- Milly Diaz

Agree with Red. It is a fun idea. Don't think FA is wrong for asking players not to Tweet during the World Cup. What could seem like a harmless update could give opponents a slight advantage.

- Iain Morrison

"We want to win the unofficial social media World Cup on Facebook, and drive greater connection with our consumers." I predict England will go out in the unofficial social media World Cup at the semi-final, heading home to lick wounds and mutter things about next time ...