Diary: Web Witter

On ITV1 HD replacing England's first goal of the tournament with an ad for the car manufacturer Hyundai (from Brand Republic).

- John Dick

Is this to make up for cutting the Nike ad short last time?

- Mike Page

ITV seems to have a track record with live sporting events. Some of its Formula One coverage was horrendous - cutting to ads during critical moments. While it will say the circumstances are beyond its control (just like this HD howler), it does make you wonder.

- Sue Turner

ITV: Infuriate Television Viewers.

- Rory Whelan

Another genius moment from ITV - it really doesn't care much for sport, does it? It cocked this up, it made a bags of Everton's goal in the FA Cup and then it took an ad break with two laps to go in a Grand Prix when two drivers were fighting for pole. Even Setanta was better than this. You'd never get an inopportune ad break during The X Factor, would you?

- John Lush

Seemingly, ITV is blaming Technicolor, and may even ask for some kind of recompense. This, it will of course share out among the 1.5 million fans affected ... then again, maybe not.

- Andrew Chapman

Passing the buck. This was beyond incompetent by ITV.

Bet Hyundai sales go down, due to this new form of backfiring ads. What's next, the Grand National finish?

- Chris Worsley

ITV has a shocking reputation already with football fans - its normal coverage looks awful.