Diary: Web Witter

On Fifa filing a civil case against Bavaria, the brewer behind an ambush marketing stunt at the World Cup (from Brand Republic).

- John Dick

Absolutely ridiculous. Is it Bud pulling the strings? Why even bother? It should be against the law for what is essentially a very rich quango to require a country to change its laws to penalise inventive creative thinking, something the key sponsors fail to do.

- Chris Worsley

Well done, Bavaria. Please advise England on how to get a result.

- Tim Lofts

Talk about overkill. Getting the girls ejected from the stadium is one thing; taking them to court merely plays into Bavaria's hands in terms of publicity for its brand and the negative impact on both Fifa and Bud will be potentially damaging - certainly in the short term.

- Mohammed Ali

I'm with Tim Lofts on this one. The unnecessary criminal prosecution will only serve favourably for Bavaria's PR. And to build on John Dick's point, isn't it amazing that Fifa can influence a whole country's political and legal operation, when Fifa itself makes a huge issue of governments not interfering with the national football associations?

- Rue Archimede

Bavaria 1-0 Bud. Has Bud forbidden ambush marketing in its marketing department slang?

- Greg Felgate

I think Fifa should have considered a more muted reaction - it would have needed to manage Bud on that but at least it might have helped to keep Bavaria's publicity to a minimum.