Diary: Web witter

On Anheuser-Busch InBev launching an upmarket variant of Stella Artois for "down-tempo" drinking occasions (from Brandrepublic).

- Steven Cox

Not new and definitely not original. Budvar (the authentic Czech brewer of Budweiser) has been retailing its own dark lager for at least a couple of years in the UK. Typical of InBev to claim this as its own idea.

- William Smith

Just because we grew up with a multitude of unnecessary sub-brands doesn't mean that kind of brand strategy appeals to us. I find the Stella Artois brand has too many negative connotations for it to ever play in a more premium field. I'll stick to Peroni.

- Sue Turner

White text on a black background: I'm sure every 20- to 30-yearold I know will be compelled to buy. I'm sorry, but that is lame brand bollo*ks of the highest order.

- Matt West

Stella for "down-tempo, reflective" occasions. What next? White Lightning for an evening in with the lady?

- Dan Plant

The lager category has become incredibly commoditised with many consumers perceiving most mainstream products to be homogenised and interchangeable. I applaud InBev for trying to give consumers a true point of difference to latch on to.

- Gellan Watt

I beg to differ here. I drink Diet Coke. I'm loyal to it. Never is there an occasion that I think: "Oooooh, I need a sugar hit, I'll have some of that regular Coke stuff that I hate." I agree that the strategy is sound, but the analogy is very wrong.