Diary: Web witter

On Thomas Cook demanding a '"signing-on" fee thought to be approaching £1 million from the agency it appoints following its £30 million media pitch (from Campaignlive).

- Robin Bonn

This sounds outrageous. I can't see the logic. Surely the best Thomas Cook will achieve is a desperate agency and an understaffed account team. This will add more weight to the lazy stereotyping of procurement people by agencies.

- Julia

As a procurement person (sorry), I suspect the driver for this pitch is a massive savings target and fee reduction, "guaranteed" by the head of procurement and/or their procurement consultancy. Remember, purchasing people are bonused on savings delivery.

- Pandora Palmer-Edwards

Just another example of the lack of respect the advertising industry receives on the subject of pitches. If only agencies (along with the IPA) would take a stand together on their response to this type of behaviour.

- Tom Denford

Until procurement are able to evaluate an agency on the value it creates, and agencies can articulate their own value, then this further commoditisation will likely continue.

- J Griffiths

I'm not really clear why there's such outrage. Unless you thought someone was desperate enough to pay it. In which case it's them you should be complaining about. Nobody is forcing anybody to take Thomas Cook's business. Just leave them with an empty pitchlist and force them into an embarrassing climb-down. But someone is going to shell out, aren't they?