Diary: Web witter

On Bartle Bogle Hegarty splitting with Levi's after 28 years (from Campaignlive).

- Richard Hayter

Astoundingly brave decision after 28 years of brilliant work. You have to love BBH.

- Rob Mortimer

"Launderette", the one with Babylon Zoo, Flat Eric ... these are all defining ad moments of the past 30 years. If the standard of work was as good as ever (and I have no reason to suspect it wasn't), then this is a brave decision from both parties. You'd think such a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship would make it easier to get work through, but apparently not.

- Kate Ritchie

Congratulations to BBH on many years of outstanding work. One of the most productive and genre-defining campaigns of the last 50 years. "Creek", "drugstore", "odyssey", "launderette", all stone-cold classics.

- Mike Mathieson

Consistently outstanding work from BBH spanning a generation. Good on them for having the balls to call it a day.

- Paulc-c

Setting the standard. Nice one, Nigel.

- Martin Thomas

Juxtapose this with W&K's latest work for Old Spice, featuring 100-plus mini executions, and you can call time on the era of the creative epic. Great while it lasted but time to move on.

- Walter Denny

Sad to see, but perhaps it's a sign of the times with clients getting more risk-averse. And agencies finding it increasingly difficult to sell groundbreaking ideas. Many agencies would just suck it up and carry on but not BBH, all credit to them.