Diary: Web witter

On Coke reviewing its relationship with Lean Mean Fighting Machine following the Facebook Dr Pepper fiasco, before the agency got sacked (from Campaignlive).

- Darian Watts

Don't blame the agency. The client signed off the idea. They knew the risks. They have to take joint responsibility. The strategy would lead to disasters like this. Anyway, you got loads of publicity out of it so it's worked. Whereas I can't see the Facebook idea really selling Dr Pepper - another digital social network gimmick.

- Graham Creative

It's a PR disaster. And one which could so easily have been avoided. It's also one which has ramifications for our industry.

- Rob Mortimer

I understand why they would want to review the relationship in light of this, but it would be unfair if LMFM were punished and the client teams that signed it off were not. Hopefully, neither will be and the lessons will be learnt at both ends.

- Iain Morrison

The line between funny and inappropriate is a very fine one.

A seasoned agency/marketing department should appreciate this and be big enough, ugly enough and mature enough to face up to their mistakes, learn from them and come through the tough times stronger for it.

- Dara Bell

For me, the failure of brands to treat social media seriously is damaging them online.

- Cecile DeVeres

It looks like, again, there is controversy for the sake of it. The daughter wanted to be part of the "humiliate me" campaign and win the £1,000.