Diary: Web witter

On the raunchy new King of Shaves online ad by the start-up agency SSKA (from Campaignlive).

- Will Phipps

In a word, "disappointed". Using sex to sell is as old as gobbling flakes, or sprawling over the bonnets of 70s MGs but there needs to be an idea in there as well. The last great raunch viral for Agent Provocateur for the Kylie Rodeo ad finished with a cracking endline. I'd suggest King of Shaves needs to come up with a real money shot rather than just a pole dance.

- Kate Ritchie

Complete and utter toss. This isn't 1993 you know.

- Guy Douglass

I agree that this is poor. In addition, I may be mistaken but I'm pretty sure that KOS don't make a shaving product that creates as much foam as that; was she using Gillette Gel?

- Will King

Kate, the woman is in control. It's a cool ad. If you want to see sex selling, then check out men's underwear ads, you know - the ones where Beckham has his legs splayed, and a banana covered in a sock stuffed into his pants. The ones that get Campaign Turkey of the Week then win an award. Keep your knickers on, it's only a succsexy shaving ad ...

- Diane Wood

Wow, what NICE comments you all have left for me. I love how some women bash this ad yet you all probably wish you could move and look like me. I find the video to be empowering ...

A woman's body is beautiful and there's nothing wrong with showing it off, especially for your own man ...

And for the men who don't like it, you make me laugh! Really?! What's not to like?