Diary: Web witter

On the latest Reebok ad, created by M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment, featuring a naked Kelly Brook - save for a pair of trainers (from Campaignlive).

- SS

The trainers tone your bum muscles up to 28 per cent when walking on them ... so you ought to show a perked-up bum.

- Vincent Voyd

Cracking pair of Reeboks!

- Richard Mathewson

There are trainers in this ad? Are they targeting men or women?

- Sarah-Jane Threipland

As per usual, it's men marketers/advertisers trying to advertise to women by putting an ad they want to see up. It doesn't make me want to try these trainers. Then again, it's getting lots of PR.

- Rob Sellers

I think Kelly Brook can now accurately be defined as a "media owner". Not sure she does anything else.

- Grilla Login

She posts a wrinkle-free poster too, according to the picture supplied - all without the aid of a brush.

- Matt Lord

Yawn. "High-impact campaign"? Only in the sense that it takes the same amount of effort to sleepwalk in front of a bus. Reebok and the lazy M&C Saatchi creatives responsible should be given a kick up the arse for this limply derivative execution. Preferably administered by someone wearing Nikes.

- Sue Turner

Grilla. Anyone who has ever read Heat, Closer, Now etc and looked at their "pictures the celebs would rather we didn't show you" type pages knows that there is an alternate reality.