Diary: Web witter

On BT's latest ad by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, created after the public voted on Facebook to decide the outcome of the cliffhanger (from Campaignlive).

- Chris Worsley

Seeing as she appears to have stolen his house, sent him away to earn money for her and then sits around doing nothing all day except see her ex, I thought the next step would be to actually kill him.

- Andy Knell

So Jane's gentle stomach-rubbing really was due to pregnancy and not indigestion caused by opening her BT phone bill.

- Nicola Lucas

Not that the public were led at all to this outcome by the fact she was stroking her stomach and looking pensive at the end of the last ad. Why make it seem like it was the public's choice when it was their plan all along?

- Craig Wood

I would like them both to die (not in real life, of course). Was that an option in the vote for this terrible series of ads?

- Matthew Guy

I went to bt.com expecting to be able to enter my choice of "murder-suicide pact" but was disappointed at having only the two options.

- Iain Morrison

Perhaps the next spot will see the happy couple on Jeremy Kyle to discuss who the father is/take the paternity test etc.

- Nicola Lucas

I like a comment that I read in the Guardian Guide saying Jane will need to explain how she came to be in this position seeing as they haven't been in the same room for years.