Diary: Web witter

On ICM Registry, the US company behind the new.xxx domain name for pornography sites, looking for an agency to handle a global advertising campaign for the.xxx suffix (from Campaignlive).

- Iain Morrison

Love to be a fly on the wall in those pitches ...

- Sue Turner

Imagine writing the presentation. It would have to be, absolutely be, written in the style of a mucky mag, with the pitch finalist's efforts submitted to the Bad Sex Awards. Want to have a go, Iain?

- Chris Worsley

That's a job for Boris Johnson, I think?

- Iain Morrison

Turner Morrison Worsley, or shall we opt for a name that implants tongue firmly in cheek from the very beginning ...?

- Grilla Login

Sue, Iain, Chris; you'll never menage a trois it with just the tree of ya ...

I'm a serial pitch winner - Bagsy GTMW.

- Sue Turner

Now it's getting interesting, man, wimmin and beast in perfect harmony. Some folks (so I'm told) pay a lot of money for that kind of thingy. GTMW. Mmmmm. Isn't that a little close to GMTV? We want to stir people, Grilla, not put them to sleep. I can manage that all on my own.

- Gotnoteef

I reckon it should be Grilla Turner Morrison Worsley - and for this pitch you could go under Get Them More W*nkers. Room for one more on the team?

- Grilla Login

Gotno 2! a veritable "Dream Team" is coming together. I'm itching with excitement (or fleas). Who wants to sit next to me?