Diary: Web witter

On Coca-Cola releasing a limited-edition recipe book in partnership with Harvey Nichols and food personalities (from Brandrepublic).

- Jonathan Hume

I should think most people associate Coke with McDonald's more than they do cooking at home? Strange indeed...

- Deirdre Flynn

I think this is a great opportunity for Coke, certainly something that I would buy as a novelty item, particularly in the run-up to Christmas if it's out for then. While some may associate Coke with McDonald's, this doesn't have to rule out partnerships with higher-end brands such as Harvey Nicks; Coke has, in my mind, two brand associations, that of generation-X cool and second, nostalgia, particularly after all the Christmas Coke-related ads over the years, and I think this ties in nicely with Harvey Nicks and Christmas.

- Bella Lkpasaja

Novel idea. Partnership could work, what with endorsements from the likes of Tom Aikens, Alex James and The Sunday Times Style magazine editor, Tiffany Darke.

- Chris Lonie

I once cooked a ham in Coca-Cola. Honestly.

- Iain Morrison

Ham and cola, Chris? Get thee to a Walkers crisp new flavour competition. Surefire winner...

- Leo Campbell

Err, this is a terrible piece of marketing. Or have I missed the irony? I can think of endless relevant associations for CocaCola, but not home cooking. It just looks desperate for all involved, none of whom remotely needs this low-level, tacky activity.