Diary: Web Witter

On the Government floating the idea of asking the BBC to run some of its advertising campaigns free of charge in its latest attempt to cut Whitehall adspend (from Campaignlive).

- Nick Parrish

Hmmm ... a slippery slope.

- Claire Pillar

Would make licence-fee negotiations interesting.

- Harry Wilson

I can understand the thought logic behind this in the current economic climate, but don't believe this is right. They should be helping to save jobs and whether you agree or disagree with this, it could cost jobs in ad agencies and TV contractors, who all provide a service. They protected the banks, so why not protect jobs in advertising?

- Dara Bell

I followed this story in issues of PR Week. I think if cuts are to made, they need (to be) in ways that do not challenge the BBC's non-partisan status.

Could some cuts not be made at Webcameron? Could he choose WordPress or run on Tumblr? I think this is one reform too far. What about making the Big Society less ambitious? Most people still are not sure what that is. Finally, what I hear is that PR pros fear cuts at every turn. Is that a big society? I am also not sure NGOs are ready for this. I think they need to put a think tank on it and test the public mood.

- Iain Morrison

Logic is sound but not sure this one will float given the barrage of opposition that will surface. Beats the Berlusconi approach of buying up all the media outlets.